Welcome to Saint-Hyacinthe!

Located in the Montérégie region, near Montréal, Saint-Hyacinthe and the surrounding area invite you to discover a perfect blend of town and country.


Consider as a veritable granary in Québec, this beautiful area is well known for its lush fields and bountiful harvests. It is divided from north to south by the Yamaska River, and at the centre of it lies the city of Saint-Hyacinthe, which is the heart of the area.


The region owes much of its economic activity to the agri-food industry and everything related to it is known as the agri-food capital of Québec and why it became the first Canadian member of the prestigious international Association of Science Parks, as early as 1993. Saint-Hyacinthe boasts an agri-food science park, a new economy centre and a veritable biotechnology park in the making.


Supported by strong agricultural activity, the city of Saint-Hyacinthe has continued its economic and industrial development. The MRC des Maskoutains, our regional county municipality, is made up with 17 local municipalities. It covers an area of 1310 km2 and is home to 82 748 people of whom 52 713 live in Saint-Hyacinthe, the central town.


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18 au 21 septembre 2014 Festival country et rétro
20 et 21 septembre 2014 Le Rendez-vous des papilles
28 septembre 2014 Roule et marche la Yamaska
1er octobre au 30 novembre 2014 Memoria - Festival des oeuvres historiques
16 au 19 octobre 2014 Salon des Arts & Loisirs Créatifs 2014
14 au 16 novembre 2014 Salon national du Quad et des véhicules hors route

"UniVerre Coloré", Sophie Côté's exhibition in the exhibition area of Tourisme et congrès Saint-Hyacinthe until September 19. www.verresetvitraux.com

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