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7 activities in our region for families!

It’s summer and kids are finally on vacation! Hurray! Now is the time to share amazing moments with them. Take a peek at our suggestions and discover everything the beautiful region of Saint-Hyacinthe has to offer to parents and children alike. Do you feel like EXPLORING, MOVING or BREATHING FRESH AIR? You’ll find a myriad of entertainment opportunities that will fit your every need. Here are ten must-sees for families. Smiles are guaranteed! 

Photo: La Rivest – Créatrice d’image



Go owl-in!

Operated by the UQROP, the Quebec Union for the Rehabilitation of Birds of Prey, Chouette à voir!  (Chouette meaning both “owl” and “nice”, this effectively means “nice to see”), is on a mission to host and heal birds of prey so as to release them back into the wild. Luckily, visitors may also visit this natural site and see those majestic birds from up close.

Twice a day, at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., young and old can marvel at the sight of those birds in flight.

During your visit, you’ll learn a lot about these animals: how they digest their prey, how to differentiate species or even simply why nocturnal birds are different from diurnal ones. By taking the wooded path, you will be able to see many aviaries. While some serve as temporary homes for those who have a chance of getting back in the wild, the less fortunate ones live there permanently for reasons you can learn on site. 

Tips for parents : Bring your picnic, sunscreen and insect repellent! 

Pretty cool : Reconstruct a small animal’s skeletons from an owl’s pellet.

Photo : Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole

Meet the elks

Come visit La Vallée du wapiti, a farm specializing in elk breeding. You will discover a soothing alcove of rurality and animals that will make your heart melt with their doe eyes, or elk eyes rather. 

During your guided tour, you will find many stops in front of the enclosures that will make you learn about the different aspects of this fascinating wild animal. From it’s impressive set of antlers to it’s diet and reproductive system, everything is covered by Christine Langelier, the owner.

At the end of the walk, an interpretation center awaits you where the more curious among you may even manipulate antlers and accessories.

Tips for parents : You must reserve in advance. Also, bring a cooler! You might want to leave with some of their delicious frozen products.

Pretty cool : The little Princesse, hand-fed by humans since her birth, likes to get pets! If you’re strong enough, you might even get to hold antlers…

Photo : Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole

Flowery garden

The Daniel A. Séguin garden, located in the heart of our city, is an especially beautiful and lush oasis designed and built in part by the horticulture student of the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire, an agri-food school situated right in front. The public is invited every year to contemplate their work composed of about twenty small gardens, each with its unique theme. Children will also get their fill of thrills with a new discovery awaits at every corner: giant spiders, singing frogs, a giant round table, a petting zoo, foutains, etc.

Tips for parents : Think about reserving a guided tour with a connoisseur who will show you the garden and its history. Enjoy your day and don’t forget to take family pictures!

Pretty cool : The imaginary world at the Flôdeaux’s garden, just beside the little farm where live hens and rabbits.

Photo : Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole



Jump around

In need of some action? Imagine a safe and colourful place where you can jump (almost) everywhere. Sounds like a dream? Well, EKÇA Saute might just be a dream come true where young and old can have fun in over 10 000 square feet of air conditioned play space. 

Walk around in the giant maze filled with slides and obstacles, try some intricate poses while jumping on the trampolines and land safely in a pool of foam. Toddlers 0 to 3 will also find their place in the area designed specifically for them

Tips for parents : Bring socks as well as snacks and drinks if you’d like!

Pretty cool : Angled trampolines under baskets and the slide that ends in a ball pit! 

Photo : EKÇA Saute

A really fun park!

Come play outside and enjoy nature in Les Salines park! On the site, many trails will let you explore the woods, either by foot or by bike. You can even bring your strollers!

Mountain biking and BMX fans can also go down the paths reserved for them.

On a hot summer day, the playground is perfect to cool off with its waterworks.

Tips for parents : The beautiful cottage or the tables outside are perfect areas for a family picnic.

Pretty cool : The big round swings in the playground!

The art of war

At Laser-Jeux, you will enter a luminescent new universe in this indoors entertainment center. Two activities are offered to suit your mood, or why not both for double the fun!

Laser Tag – You can play tag in the dark, aiming at your opponents with a completely harmless laser! Many hiding spots will let you escape your enemies. Fun and adrenaline are guaranteed for all! 

Glow Golf – Practice your aim and your patience at this mini-golf course. You will not believe your eyes when you see the colourful decor illuminating the course!

Tips for parents : For the Laser Tag, it is recommended to make reservations. Smaller group can be paired to other participants. What a great way to make friends!

Pretty cool : This Glow Golf course is one of the nicest in the province of Québec with a distinctly maskoutain (from Saint-Hyacinthe) ambiance. 

Photo : Laser-Jeux



Going out with a pet

Your dog is a faithful member of your family and you’re looking for an activity it’ll be able to enjoy? The Seigneurie de Ramezay park is well indicated to be the place for this invigorating trek with your doggy!

The trails that lie in this 200 year-old pine plantation will let you admire exceptional flora and fauna near the small Chibouet river that snakes through the park. This park is an all-natural way to enjoy our region since this river has not been changed by man, a rare sight.

Tips for parents : Ornithology enthusiasts, don’t forget your binoculars to look at the many species of birds! 

Pretty cool : Looking for a subject for history class? The plaques on the trail will let you know about the history of this park from the time of the seigneuries!

Photo : Isabelle Compagnat

A tour on the river

Do you like water? The Saint-Hyacinthe Nautical center lets you rent all kinds of watercrafts so you can admire the city from the Yamaska river. Canoe, pedal boat or kayak, what will you choose? Do you have a large family? No worries, rent a rabaska or even a pontoon, the captain will guide you!

Tips for parents : Make sure everyone has had a bathroom break before the activity and don’t forget sunscreen, towels, appropriate footwear and hats!

Pretty cool : A picnic in the middle of the river!

Photo : Saint-Hyacinthe Technopole

For even more ideas, read our website’s TO DO and EVENTS sections.

We wish you an excellent holiday with your family. That time is so precious!